Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Swine flu jab

So if I'm going to be famous and have lots of new readers (!!) I'd better update more often.

I am just wasting time this morning before I go to the GP to have my ears syringed. Nice! I am completely blocked in BOTH ears! It is most annoying, I had to turn the TV up twice as loud yesterday evening just so I could hear it at normal level. I've been using drops for over a week now and it hasn't shifted it.

For those of you who haven't had your swine flu jab yet, it's fine. I had it last week and although my arm was sore for two days afterwards, I've had no ill effects. I've already had the usual flu jab too, which I do every year. So, if you are dithering, DON'T. Go and have it! Isn't it best to be safe?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Fame at last???

I thought I'd better come on over and update this blog. I have let it - and my diabetes - drift for a few months (so what's new you cry!).

What's new is that I have been contacted by a diabetes magazine who may feature my blog in an article about diabetes social networks. Now I'm sure there are much better blogs than mine out there to feature but it's nice to be asked. I have answered some questions for them so we'll see what happens! 'Citin'!!