Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A good day so far

This morning started off in the usual way with me waking up and immediately feeling anxious :(

But I decided today I would test my lunchtime basal rates so I started testing at 11am, hourly. I started at 10.8mmol/l and it gradually fell until it was 4.5 at 3.30pm. I needed to take the dof out so I had two biscuits (20g of carb) and now an hour later the bg is 6.6mmol/l

Cool, that's what I call good - for me anyway!

Breakfast boluses

I have checked my morning basal rates for my pump and they appear to be spot on. However, when I eat 35g of Oatibix for breakfast I only need 2.5 units of bolus to cover this.

Sometimes I will have Fruit& Fibre and again i don't need as much insulin to cover the amount of carbs.

Wondering if this is a common thing?

I have also just joined an online site where you can plot your bgs and doses.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The only way I'm going to get on top of things is by writing down my bgs and carbs and insulin doses. To that end I have just printed off a load of copies of blank bg tables and graphs so I can get on with it. Its a good first step, now I just have to use them.

A good start this morning though with a bg of 6.1. But the fear kicked in and I underbolused for my Fruit & Fibre and now sitting at 14. Sigh!


Ok so I have had poorly controlled diabetes for 20 years. I am working on that.

It is not that often that I wake up with a "normal" blood sugar but when I do my hands are numb. This doesn't happen when my bgs are higher. I would have thought it would be the other way round. Also if I have a "normal" bg during the day and I do a bit of knitting my hands go numb - or more pins and needles really. I wonder if this will resolve itself once my bgs are always lower - if that ever happens!

On a similar note, my trigger finger and thumb appear to be resolving themselves without having the operation.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Back to blogging (again)!

I have been thinking about getting back to this blog for the last few days, but just now I saw this entry from Kerri at SixUntilMe and it touched a chord. I still have my fear of hypos and one of the parts of my fear is to do with people thinking I'm weird or a nutter if they see me having a hypo. But watching Kerri's video has made me realise that non-diabetics probably wouldn't even notice. Thanks Kerri, I don't need to be so self-conscious.

As a quick update, it turned out the raised prolactin level was caused by the domperidone. I came off it and everything returned back to normal, in fact i am more regular now than I have ever been! I now take erythromycin for the gastroparesis, and (touch wood) have not had any vomitting episodes for 18 months.

Hubby is doing well, all his check-ups are clear which is such a relief.

And we have a new family member, Susie, a 4 year old Golden Labrador that we got from Labrador Rescue 4 weeks ago tomorrow

I will go and check in with the blogs I used to follow and see what you have all been up to, and talk to you again soon.