Thursday, 5 February 2009

Back to blogging (again)!

I have been thinking about getting back to this blog for the last few days, but just now I saw this entry from Kerri at SixUntilMe and it touched a chord. I still have my fear of hypos and one of the parts of my fear is to do with people thinking I'm weird or a nutter if they see me having a hypo. But watching Kerri's video has made me realise that non-diabetics probably wouldn't even notice. Thanks Kerri, I don't need to be so self-conscious.

As a quick update, it turned out the raised prolactin level was caused by the domperidone. I came off it and everything returned back to normal, in fact i am more regular now than I have ever been! I now take erythromycin for the gastroparesis, and (touch wood) have not had any vomitting episodes for 18 months.

Hubby is doing well, all his check-ups are clear which is such a relief.

And we have a new family member, Susie, a 4 year old Golden Labrador that we got from Labrador Rescue 4 weeks ago tomorrow

I will go and check in with the blogs I used to follow and see what you have all been up to, and talk to you again soon.

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Kerri. said...

Hey Dee - welcome back to the blogosphere!

And congrats on Susie - she is adorable!!