Wednesday, 25 July 2007

appointment and basal checking

I have an appointment for a pre-op assessment on my trigger thumb/finger on 9th August.

Last night I did some basal testing again because I will probably get a call from the pump nurse soon. Somehow I'd managed to get it down to 7.8 (140) before bed so I went for it. So..

11.00pm - 7.8 (140)
1.30am - 7.4 (133)
3.15am - 6.6 (118)
6.00am - 7.7 (138)
7.30am - 7.0 (126)

Pretty consistent I reckon. After breakfast it was 18.6 (335) - eerrrrrrrrrrr??????? But it dropped to 8.3 (149) by 12.00 noon. Incorrect bolusing again.

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Donna said...

Adjusting basals is so difficult. It's so weird - you have to correct the basal that happens before the time you're having the problem. I've adjusted mine so many times. They'll work for a while; then, for some reason, I'll have to change them all over again. It's never-ending, isn't it?