Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I am getting myself a little bit worried. I already have some complications - retinopathy & gastroparesis. My blood tests have revealed a higher than normal urea level in my blood. I did a "google" and found out that this could indicate kidney problems. I guess I'll find out on Thursday.

I am kind of in a limbo. When I have a clinic appointment coming up I get like this, a kind of "well I won't bother trying to change anything until I've been to my appointment cos it won't make any diffrence will it" kind of attitude. Well, only 2 days to go.


Donna said...

Don't worry until you find out IF you need to worry. I know, I know - easier said than done, right? I'll say a prayer for you & your doctor.

Take care & let us know what your doctor says. Try to stay positive! Good luck!

George said...

I agree with Donna. I always say, don't worry until you know you need to.

Good luck.