Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Diabetes daily

I have just had my blog added to the Diabetes Daily site. Hopefully I'll get a few more visitors now. If you have come over from there, please feel free to leave me a comment, thanks.


..M.. said...

Hi Dee, Glad you joined the DD Headlines, I'll visit lots!

I just finished reading your earlier posts - I know what you mean about both loving and hating reading other blogs. I do love it, but I'm also reminded of how scary D can be sometimes. (Never scared enough to stop reading, these blogs can be addictive!)

Jonah said...

Hello, headline reader here.
I have slow digestion but hopefully not from gastroparesis (though my endo and I are keeping the possibility of gastro in mind), and if my bg is below 100-150 before a meal, then I wait until a half hour or hour afterwards to inject, because otherwise I sometimes go low from the Novolog before the food kicks in.

Clive said...

Hi I am diet and exercise type 2 from Ellesmere Port and found your blog the DD headlines

Dee said...

Hi everyine, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. My visit counter has doubled in the last couple of days, it's great!!

M - I'll be visiting your blog too.
Jonah - you sound like an interesting character, lots to deal with!
Clive - do you have a blog?

Bernard said...

Hi Dee

I actually found you because of your post on Drea's blog. But I'll add you to my blogroll and keep an eye out for future posts.