Thursday, 5 July 2007

My clinic visit results

A good and a bad day really.

My hair turned out a nice colour, no pic as yet though.

As for my appointment with Dr. W., well..............My kidneys are fine, the high urea result is due to dehydration, because my bgs are so high at the moment. As for the A1c (11.3), he wasn't impressed. He said there was no way a pump patient should have an A1c in double figures! As my pump is funded by my local Primary Care Trust, he said they (the PCT) would probably look at the result as a good reason to withdraw funding. Ok, I could afford to fund the consumables myself if it came to it, but I don''t want to have to. So there is reason 1 to get the result down.

I am also in a vicious circle with regard to the gastroparesis. Keeping high bgs so I don't go low if the gastro kicks in, is making it more likely to happen. Reason 2 to get the result down. I now have to take domperidone and erythromycin to help my stomach work better. I also got a prescription for an injection of metclopramide in case I really need it, but it is not to be used willy-nilly. My husband is not too chuffed at the prospect that there might come a time when he has to inject me with it, or the Glucagon that I also got today. He has never given me even an insulin injection before and really doesn't like the idea. But he would do it if it came to it.

I also got myself a blood pressure monitor to use at home. I always get "white coat syndrome" so they don't bother to check it for me at the clinic, so I have to take my own results in. I only had a wrist one before and they aren't very accurate.

It was also suggested again that I go onto the ward for a week so they could monitor me and keep an eye on stuff and sort me out. I am not keen on this idea and want to avoid it, Reason 3 to get the result down.

So, as of now, I am going to do things right. No more messing about, if I get anxious i will think things through logically and try not to just focus on all the negative thoughts. I bolused correctly for my dinner this evening and that's how i have to carry on.

Oh, and my thigh pouch came, not very flattering but no-one will see it. Well I might just flash it once for my friend Bex to have a giggle at!!!


Donna said...

Hey, at least there was some good news today, huh? I am so glad to hear that your kidneys are okay & it sounds like you're thinking in a more positive manner. That's great!

My husband has never given me an injection in all the years we've been together. But I remember when I was in the hospital for a few days soon after we got married. My blood sugars were completely out of control & the diabetes educator was in the room showing him how to give me an injection just in case the need ever arose. I don't know how they show people to do this now, but back then they used an orange. So my husband jokingly (I hope) jabbed the needle into the orange real hard. Then he laughed kind of an evil laugh. The nurse told him that he seemed a little too eager. Luckily for me, I've never had to have him give me an injection. I think I would revert back to that day in the hospital so many years ago & remember that evil laugh. It was all in fun, though. I know he would do it nicely if I ever needed it.

Anyway, I like the way you sound today & that's good. Keep it up!

Minnesota Nice said...

Very glad to hear the kidney's are okay.
Yes, I have found the wrist bp monitors to be inaccurate, but I keep one at work so I have at least an idea of where I'm at. I have an auto inflatable cuff machine at home.
What would be wrong with going to the hospital? Would you miss work? Maybe it's something you should consider.