Monday, 16 July 2007

Numb - part 2

So I went to see the GP this morning about my numbness. He had a feel around of my neck and face, and looked in my ears, eyes and throat. I then had to close my eyes and tell him if I could feel when he touched my face, first with a soft brush and then with a sharp point. Yes I could. He said that it could be an irritated nerve to my face, possibly neuropathy. Ulgh, here we go. Anyway, he said I could think about an MRI but that he didn't think I needed that at this point, and also some neuro tests at the hospital. But to give it a couple of weeks and see if it is still there, or worse, or whatever.

Next Monday I have to go to the hospital to the physio department to let them have a look at my trigger finger & thumb. I am an avid knitter and thought I had some kind of RSI from doing too much, but it is actually trigger finger probably exacerbated by the knitting. I cannot bend my left thumb or right little finger. So physio are going to take a look and then see if I need to see the ortho surgeon. I had it in my left little finger about 5 years ago which went off by itself, but I'm too keen to get back to knitting to wait this time. I haven't been allowed to knit at all for at least a month, it's driving me nuts.

Well, this weekend, my bgs haven't been great and my 7 day average has crept back up to 11.3 (203). And (whispers!) I had a 21 (378) earlier today. I think I need to take a bigger amount of bolus up front with breakfast, because even though porridge is supposed to be low GI it actually raises my sugars quite quick. I am also pre-menstrual which raises my sugars too.

PS Chrissie from Belgium - I will email you a response to your "rumblings" comment.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Dee, I am glad you were told to wait a bit and see what happens concerning the numbness! Things tend to solve themselves if you just can wait a bit. My attitude is pretty much wait until HAVE to do something! Thanks for your email! Of course, some of the sugar must be absorbed in the stomach. I was a big knitter and stone path maker which has definitely sort of over stressed my hands. They are not as flexible as they use to be..... but I haven't had operations on them. The weather also affects their flexibility! My hands are MUCH better since I have improved my bg values with the pump. The improvement doesn't appear over night.

Kevin said...

Good luck with the fingers.

And I find that breakfast spikes my blood sugars more than any other meals the day. I think this is because I've got a relatively empty stomach, so things get digested more quickly. I try to make sure that I wait 15 mins (and sometimes a full hour if I start off on the high end) between my breakfast bolus and eating. Maybe that would help with you as well?

Minnesota Nice said...

Boy that would be really creepy to have numbness in your face.
I can't tell you how many times I have panicked over another new strange symptom. It is not pleasant.
I hope you get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. I hate being shuffled around from doctor to doctor, being treated like a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper.
My trigger finger is still good - now we're about 6 weeks after the injection. And, I've been knitting like a crazywoman.

Mary said...

I am a diabetic, and I do a lot of knitting - recently, I've had a problem with my ring finger being "stuck" and all curled up - I found your blog when I was looking for information on it. I can't tell if I will need to give up knitting now - how are you dealing with it all?