Monday, 2 July 2007

something positive

Yesterday morning, I didn't fart about with my breakfast insulin. I took some up front and extended the rest, BUT I did it before I ate, instead of waiting to see if the bg levels went up first. And guess what? Nothing bad happened!! Now I just have to remember that.

I also had a bit of a low yesterday evening. The bg was 6.8 (64) but I felt low because I've been so high lately. Anyway, I didn't panic and take Lucozade, I had a few Pringles instead (yummy) and it slowly went up. I felt a bit shaky for 15 minutes or so, but distracted myself with Big Brother and it went off.

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Donna said...

Congratulations! That's great! I knew you could do it. Now you've taken the first step. Just keep it up & you'll be fine.

Good luck with your appointment on Thursday. Make sure they know you're on your way to getting under control & ask for any advice. Let us know how it goes.

Again, congratulations!